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Base station simulator

  • FDD and TDD are supported

  • Customize non-standard frequency bands

  • Supports a maximum of 8CC DL CA

  • Supports 2X2 MIMO, 4X2 MIMO, and 4X4 MIMO

  • Supports VoLTE HD voice and VoLTE video

  • Support NB - IOT

  • Support eMTC

  • Release 15 Compliant and support NSA/SA gNB


Multi-channel GPSDO

  • Frequency: 10 MHZ

  • Output: 5 channels of square wave

  • Input voltage: 12V

  • Power consumption: about 5W

  • Type of GPS antenna: Active 3.3V or passive

GPSDO module

This is a GPS-disciplined, temperature-controlled crystal oscillator (GPSDO), which is recommended for use with a USRP B200/B210/X310.

The GPSDO provides a high-accuracy 10 MHz reference and 1 PPS signal, which allows developers to build systems that serve applications with improved frequency accuracy (75 ppb in unlocked condition) or global timing alignment (50 ns in locked condition).

Unlike the OCXO-based version, which is recommended for use with the USRP X300/X310, this lower power module can be used with the USRP B200/B210 in a USB bus-powered configuration.


Three-in-one FPGA programmer

  • Altera mode

  • Lattice mode

  • Xilinx mode

Wireless packet capture tool

  • TI Bluetooth 4.2/5.0 packet capture tool

  • Nordic Bluetooth 4.2/5.0 packet capture tool

  • Zigbee packet capture tool

500M Logic Analyzer


  • 32 channels are sampled simultaneously at 500M speed.

  • The depth of each channel is adjustable from 1-64m.

  • The built-in 2Gb DDR2 memory chip can store 32 channels at the same time, each channel can store a depth of 64M.



  • Using WINUSB as a driver, compatible with the full series of WINDOWS systems, including WIN10,WIN7,XP...

  • Support data grouping, that is to say, can be any channel according to any sequence merged into a byte or any bit long word, in order to view the data and set the trigger!

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